Monday, 23 May 2016

Sunrise, Pheasant, turtles (201605-early) A shot that turns into a disaster!

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. While letting our new puppy out for a morning relief, I spied a beautiful sun rise in the making. So I grabbed my tripod and camera and took this image.
I sent the image to my brother Len to see if he could remove the power lines from the shot as he has much better post production skills than I. Here is what he sent back:
I certainly need to give him an assist on this great shot! I call it Morning Mayhem as when I was repositioning for a shot my camera and lens fell off the tripod and completele destroyed both. So any images you see from here on in will be taken with back up gear of significantly lesser quality.
My brother Bill and his wife came to visit the clan here in Nova Scotia, so of course the boys went on a fishing trip. Back to the turtle lake. Here is a shot of three on a log, the one on the far right is only about half the size of the others.
Here is a closer shot of the mini unit. I really like how it had its hind feet tucked in.
 Here is a shot of one of the larger turtles. I was surprised at how much large their hind feet are, as demonstrated here. Beautiful creatures all the same!
The next day I was pleased to receive a visit from the lady Flicker which was being courted in the yard omnly a few days ago.
 On the following day I was joined in the yard by this majestic fellow.
The light was so nice and he was so cooperative I thought a second image was in order. Yet another beautiful bird.
Next up is a behaviour I have never captured before, the act of Blue Jays exchanging food. I expect it is a mating behaviour.
Having spent the afternoon at my mother's, my eye caught this verigated version of a Daffodil.
I hope you find something here that you enjoyed. Take the time to put a little "wild" in your life, it will do you good!

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