Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Yellow Warbler, Pied-billed Grebe, Black-and-white warbler (20160516) A stroll through Miners Marsh

Laurie Ann was nice enough to invite me to ride with her to go to Miners Marsh. The drive over was super and we thought we might suffer for sightings as the wind was up and blowing pretty well. After just entering the park I got this opportunity with what I think is my first posting of a Red-winged Blackbird for the year.
While I was shooting the Blackbird everyone else was busy with at least a pair of Yellow Warblers. I managed to get my own image.
Just behind me I noticed a closeby motion and spotted this little Pied-billed Grebe with his mouth overflowing.
Strolling on my own I was able to spot and work this little Black-and-White Warbler, another first for the year.
Here it in in a slightly different pose. I have just taken note of how much time these birds spend upside down, almost like a Nuthatch.
A little later I was able to get a much better image of this Yellow Warbler. He has a little something for his sweetheart, which she came to get it from him a few minutes later.
We had a couple of ladies mention this little fella hanging out on shore all by himself. I am not certain of the breed, but a cutie just the same!
This next bird is always a favourite to capture. This is the first I have been able to find since arriving here in Nova Scotia. The terrific coloured, and always elusive Sora. I think the reflection is actually sharper than the head.
A little later I was able to get this different angle on this beauty.
As we were leaving the Grebe made another appearance and even with the poor lighting conditions, I think this turned out okay.
That was the wrap up for this day. It was a real pleasure to have the company of Laurie Ann on the road, and at the park. I am going to throw in a couple of images from the yard a few days previous. This first image is a little accidental, I didn't see the second bird in the background when I took the shot. A Hairy pair.
A little later in the morning, as I was sitting on the deck I looked up and spotted this beautiful pair as they strolled through.
I am hoping to get some shots of the young pheasants this year. Put some "wild" in our life, it'll do you good!

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