Monday, 14 November 2016

Acorn Woodpecker, Black-tailed buck, Garibaldis (20161020) Last day on Catalina

Like the title says this is our last day on Catlina, so this will be an abreviated post as we will be just walking around town. Well we had an early morning visitor at the hotel. This little buck got our day started our day with a little "wild"! It was so early I had to shoot at 6400 ISO.
Downtown I got peretty close to this Acorn Woodpecker, I had to be close as I only had my short 18-105mm lens with me.
Here is another shot of the same bird. You don't often get a look at their chest area.
 The flowers were great! Here is another Hibiscus shot, hard to believe blossoms in October, but that's California for you.
Avalon is a tiny town of 1 square mile, so evry foot of real estate is valuable. I thought I would throw in a couple of shots of the area to give you a bit of a feel.
Everyone gets around on golf carts.
Of course some of the places are a little bigger. Its an expensive spot to buy a home.
While we were waiting for our ferry I bought some fish food out of a candy machine on the dock to see if I could lure any fish in for an image.
These orange fish are Garibaldi, and are the saltwater state fish of California. I just love how the waves of he water gently distort the contents of the water.
Our return ferry ride was very uneventful so no new birds or other critters to add to this post. Put a little "wild" in your life, it'll do you good!

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