Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Fungus, Snake, White-throated Sparrow (20160930&1003) Autumn is in full swing.

Well, I am in trouble with a lot of my long time visitors. It has been almost a month since I posted anything. My apologies, I have been out of the country for a couple of weeks and have been sick since I got back. Anyhow, I am waaay behing in my updating and I hope that you will bear with me as I attempt to get caught up.
On September 30th I was watching a group of pheasants in the back yard. When a hen went up into one of the spruce trees I went and got the camera. I managed to capture this shot of one of the Roosters that flew in right below her. I love the purple on the breast of this bird.
While Bizzy and I were on patrol we ran into a few Common Yellowthroats This young male was quite cooperative.
We were also very fortunate to find a small group of White-thoated sparrows. These are some of my favourite of the sparrow family that we are able to find here.
While on the stroll home Bizzy met up with this little Meadow Vole. It is her first encounter with a critter that she would normally be hunting. She just wanted to play with it.
Here is a shot of it back on its feet. It successfully was able to get through a hole before Bizzy figured out what she should really be doing with this type of critter.
When we got home I thought it was time to finally take a shot of the bride's Croacacima. Apparently this is supposed to be a spring flower, but it only now, at the end of September, has finally begun to bloom.
On October 3, we did another another rail stroll and for the first time I found this "stuff", which is Coral Hedgehog, a type of Mushroom.
We did also find this smaller Maritime Garter snake. It is really quite small.
While the shot above makes it look quite dark, this side view shows that it is actually quite a light colouration, with beautiful markings.
Of course the caterpillers are still rolling about and this Fingered Dagger made an easy subject.
It is always nice when you can get a two-fer. So this shot with a Clouded Sulphur and this Orange-eyed fly makes the last shot for this post.
Take some time and put a little "wild" in your life! You will be better for it.

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