Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Black-Vented Shearwater, Dophins,Yellow-Rumped (20161018) The trip over to Catalina Island.

Tuesday morning and we are headed over to see Catalina Island and spend a little time relaxing. We "Ubered" over to the ferry terminal in the morning to catch a 8:30 crossing. The moon was irresistable, so here is what I captured.
While we spotted many pelicans and gulls from the boat, the most common bird available for photos were the Black-vented Shearwater. I don't usually shoot Pelagic birds, so this too is a new bird for both me and the blog.
Here is a closer shot of two of these same birds.
I don't usually publish this type of shots, but here is a shot of the wake of the boat shot as a reflection. I used one of the doorway windows as my mirror.
As we neared the Island, I was able to grab a couple of images of another blog first: Dolphins. While these are long distance shots, I was glad to get them.
A second image. I missed the whale that was apparently spotted out the other side of the boat earlier in the crossing.
I will now add some shots from the next morning. I do this as this would have been a very short post, and I had a lot of images suitable the next day. I hope you enjoy. The first thing on Wednesday morning Deb spotted this little Doe with her fawn in the hotel area.
These are Columbian  Black-tailed deer and are a subspecie of the Mule Deer Specie. Here is a shot of another doe laying amongst the cactus and sage of the island.
I would like to say that I planned this next shot, but I was just fortunate to capture this Yellow-rumped Warbler in mid air. I was happy to see I had manged to keep focus as it popped from one section of fencing to another.
I have developed a real affinity for the striking Acorn Woodpecker. So when I get a shot with three of these birds in the same frame I felt it had to make the blog.
I hope you are enjoying our California results, I know that I had a great time. Take a little time out of your day and put some "wild" in your life!

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