Monday, 7 November 2016

American Kestrel, Reddish Egret, Great Egret (20161017) An afternoon stroll at Bolsa Chica

After a highly successful morning at the Sage and Sea Audubon park I was looking forward to my favourite place to bird in California-- Bolsa Chica. I have great memories of visiting last time we were here. I must say that the location did not disappoint on this day. Once again Neil and I were together to shoot in sunny late day conditions. We had just arrived when we received an inquiry like fly-by, one of the many specie of terns here.
I love this place as there are always things to shoot, and the Snowy Egrets always seem to be around if you take some time to look.
I did manage to spot a first-timer for me and the blog. I believe that this is an American Golden Plover. It really was quite cooperative.
I had to include this Ringed-billed Gull only due to the quality of this image. I don't usually shoot gulls unless they are new to me, but the pink legs and feet of this baby made me shoot.
Like the Snowy's there are usually Great Egrets here, and if you are patient they will povide you with an "action" shot.
The American White Pelicans are subjects I cannot pass up. These are massive birds, and inspite of their unique physical apprearance, they are graceful flyers.
My next bird is another Newbie, and I will spend a little time on this bird. The Reddish Egret is just beautiful. Their wispy feathers make you wonder how it ever gets air-borne.
Rather than sit in wait like the other herons and egrets this bird get active at feeding time.
It would be standing still and then suddenly start racing and prancing about in the water to stir up the fish on the bottom.
I believe that this next shot is of a Least Sandpiper and I am pretty sure they have made an appearance on the blog.
I had to throw this shot of the Godwits in. While not the centre piece of the shot, the bird with the minnow caught in mid-air just had to be seen.
We swung around to the other entrance in fading light hoping to find more interesting sightings. We were surprised by this very cooperative Kestrel which held for us as we walked by. My best ever encounter with a bird of this specie.
We also captured this wonderfully close Savannah Sparrow. Apparently Cali has a specific sub-specie has a thicker beak.
While Hummers have been elusive, Bolsa Chica delivered this beauty near sunset. I am quite happy with this shot.
I'll wrap this post up with another Great Egret image, Me and my shadow!
Another successful outing and a super, super day, here in California. Take some time and put a little "wild" in your life, it will do you a world of good!

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