Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Snapper, Eastern Smooth Green, White-throated Sparrow (201610-early) Last saved snapper of the season.

Getting caught up on my early October track treks. This first set of shots was taken on the 4th, when Clarence and I did a "patrol". While it was a pretty light day this young White-throated Sparrow posed for us in the large clear cut.
Next up Clarence found this tiny Eastern Smooth Green Snake. He was quick enough to be able to pick it up so I could grab a couple of shots.
 Here is a second shot that gives more perspective on the size of this little fella. It was only about 6 or 7 inches long.
I thought I might throw in a couple of shots of what the lake is starting to look like here early in October.
And a smaller portion, with some nice reflection.
On the fifth, I was once again on my own with the puppy and we had a super day. It was beautiful with sun and Snakes, like this larger Eastern Smooth Green.
We also found a couple of Maritime Garters. I selected this one to post as I had the better shots.
I thought I would include a shot of this snake's torso as it appears to have a couple of lumps in it indicating a successful hunter. I also really enjoy the patterning on this particular unit.
The sixth had me out at Len's spot for a bit, we put his big boat away for the winter. He had been having some fun with Blue Jays and peanuts on his back deck so I took a couple of minutes to experiment.
I am pretty happy with the results so I may try these units at home.
The eleventh had Bizzy and I out for our last patrol of the season as the day was promising and a storm was due tomorrow. Our day started with a bang as we picked up this beautiful Maritime Garter early.
As on previous days we were able to find a few migrating Sparrows like this beautiful White-throated.
On our return walk we found this little unit on the tracks, I don't know how I missed it on the first pass. This little fella looked like he was in pretty bad shape.
This little guy made the last couple of walks all worth while. I was able to get him safely to water and gave him some sunshine to get his motor running full-tilt once again. Here he is headed off of his release log.
Note the curly tail. Every other turtle I have found has had an absolutely straight tail. I take this curly unit as a sign of extreme stress in the little guy. I hope he makes it!
I hope that this last little story will inspire you to put a little "wild" in your life, no telling what you might find.

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