Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Great Blue, Lesser Goldfinch, Blue-grey Gnatcatcher (20161021) Sea and Sage re-visited

Friday morning and I had a little time to myself before we were heading out to the Palm Springs area. So I took another stroll to the Sea and Sage Audubon site in the San Joaquin area. It was a much brighter day so I was hoping for some better sightings than Monday, if that was even possible. I had the good fortune to have an up close encounter with this Great Blue Heron.
Next up was a bird I was expecting to find but had eluded me to this point. I spotted several Lesser Goldfinches feeding in the reed. I was in a poor light position, but managed an acceptable image.
I was able to spot then capture this little Song Sparrow, I had to wait quite a wile to be able to shoot it out in the relative open.
I spent a little time in the area where I had spotted the Orance Bishop on Monday, but had little luck. Yes I did get a shot or two but they wer at a very long distance.
I was surprised when I was able to get this close to this Northern Shoveler, although it didn't have its breeding plummage, I like the hints of green in the body.
A stroll through the Butterfly area once again netted me a Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher or two. I was hoping for the Munia once again, but I couldn't spot it.
Caught by surprise I almost didn't get any acceptable images as this American White Pelican did a close at hand fly over.
Even though it is October there still appears to be Love in the air. I found these two Dragonflies doing the "birds and bees" thing, and thought their colours were great!
Back in the Butterfly zone I almost couldn't find this little Hummer. I believe it is a juvenile Anna's, just strting to get his colours shined up for the coming spring.
That will do for this mornings activity, you can expect to see another post of our afternoon adventure! ake some time today and put a little "wild" in your life!

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