Sunday, 6 November 2016

Orange Bishop, Scaly-breasted Munia, Western Fence Lizard (20161017) A Monday Morning at Sea and Sage

The girls were headed to Disney land on our first Monday in Cali and Neil had to work so I had the morning to myself. So I decided to head out to the Sage and Sea Audubon site in Irvine. I wanted to get out there nice and early but it was raining! In southern California, raining, sheesh. 165 days with no rain before our arrival, now it is raining. So I had to delay, while checking in I met a wonderful young lady named Sandrine. She was waiting for the rain to stop and shooting this same Allan's Hummingbird as I.
Sandrine agreed to let me tag along with her on her next stroll, which started as the rain finally ceased. Here is a shot of a young Cooper's Hawk that "popped up" in front of us without any warning.
Next up is was a non-native bird the Orange Bishop. These beauties have been breeding at Sea and Sage for several years now. I owe a Thank you to Sandrine for pointing this bird out to me. Another first for both me and the blog!
We then spotted either the Coopers or its mate, trying to dry off in a tree. We had seen both Cooper's earlier so we knew that there were two.
It was nice to find this group of Black-necked Stilts. They were always great subjects to capture in Alberta.
Another favourite bird in Alberta is the American Avocet, but I am more accustomed to seeing them in their breeding plumage.
About this time Sandrine had to leave me to return to work. It was a little while later I captured this small Cassin's Vireo. This is another first for both the blog and I. Sorry only one shot of this baby.
In the "Butterfly" area I had several great subjects like this Spotted Towhee.
Next up was another first-timer for me a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher.
While the Bishops was a great looking bird, this Scaly-breasted Munia really brightened my day.
I was briefly distracted from this beauty by another Blue-gray Gnatter.
Back to the sweetie previously know as the Nutmeg Mannikan, and my personal highlight of the day.
As my stroll continued I found a very cooperative Northern Mockingbird.
With the Sun now out I thought I should give my rain drenched first subject the benefit of some better light.
I am going to wrap this post of a fabulous morning with a couple of shots of a favourite of mine, a Western Fence Lizard.
I wated a little while and he revealed his full size, as he couldn't refuse the beautiful sun that began to heat up his basking site.
Take some time out of your day and put a little "wild" in your life, you will be better for it.

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  1. Nice blog Paul! It was a pleasure meeting you, hope to see you next time (no rain this time!)