Saturday, 5 November 2016

Botta Pocket Gopher, Side-blotched lizard, Whimbrel (20161016) A walk by the ocean to see what we can find.

Well the girls were keeping themselves busy so Neil and I took a ride and stroll over to an ocean outlet to see if there was anything about. I grabbed this Scrub Jay early on at 3200 ISO.
We were looking over a waterway when Neil called me over for some ground action happening near him. It took us a little while and a few attempts to capture this Botta Pocket Gopher that seemed to be excavating a new burrow. If you look closely you can see his teeth.
Here is another shot of this little Gopher. This shows his razorback like ridge of hair along his backbone.
I had been watching this Snowy Egret for a while when it finally made a movement to grab a biite to eat.
So here is the result of its effort, a tastely little morsel.
Here is the same bird a little later. It was nice to capture it in mid air.
In the same waterway I spotted this juvenile. It looks very much like a Black-crowned Night Heron. I just love shooting these water birds.
We decided to try and approach the big water from a different angle so we swung around a compound and started walking towards the beach. Along the trail I was lucky enough to cath this Side-Blotched Lizard in the sage brush.
Then just a few feet away this gorgeous White-crowned Sparrow "popped out" and I was quick enough for a good capture.
I also really enjoy shooting the Whimbrels when they are about. They have the striped head of the Wilson Snipe and a long curved bill very much like the LB Curlew.
Last time I was here ( In Cali.) I had good luck shooting the local California Towhee. Neil and I found this very cooperative bird, and I doubt I will ever get a better shot of one.
With the Sage and sand I was very surprised to spot a Butterfly in the area, but there were flowers in the area. I don't know which Flutterbye this unit is, but thought I should include it in the post.
As the day wore on the Sun was starting to peek out from the clouds every now and then. We came across some Western Bluebirds but they were even more wary of our presence walking, versus being in a vehicle.
We also spent a little time with a couple of flighty Western Kingbirds.
This wrapped up our exploring for this day. Another fabulous day in the warm California Sun. Take some time and put a little "wild" in your life!

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