Friday, 3 May 2013

Elk, Crocus, Whitetailed Jackrabbit on an ASCCA Evening tour (20130502)

I was contacted this week by a guy moving to Calgary, so I thought that I would introduce him to some of the area's that may pay dividends for him. Ignacio is professional wildlife photographer that has focused on birds. He is a very talented guy as can be evidenced by his website: enjoy!
As soon as I got home I found a pair of Jackrabbits in the front yard.

Here is the other.

Would it be a sign of things to come? Who know's, so we headed out to the "Cross" for an evening was overcast and quite windy so I wasn't anticipating seeing very much.  As we started out we found a herd of about 15 Muleys. As we made our way around the trail we found a female Northern Harrier, a female Hairy Woodpecker, and heading up the hill there were a group of Whitetails.
We took a look around the high point and found this small herd of elk, we tried to get a little closer, but they got spooked, and ran off.
The walk out produced some wild Crocus, a coyote, Mountain Bluebirds and a plethora of robins.
As we left the parking lot we spied a young moose which quickly disappeared into the buck brush. So all in all, I believe a pretty good evening. Ignacio seemed to enjoy himself.  I am headed out with Russell in the morning. Here's until tomorrow!

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