Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GGO-raptors (20130910) A Run up 1A, it was a bust:(

Out of bed bright and early and called Dan to let him know I would pick him up in 20 minutes later. I guess he was rrunning late, I had to wait a bit for him, and we were off.  Timing was perfect from a light perspective, and we had a great surprize when I spotted this GGO, a first for me in this area.
I love how these birds are always on alert!
After a few photo's we had him perch in a tree a little further back in the trees to show us his camo and bow tie!
On the way back down 1A Dan showed me where there is an Osprey nest, there was one youngster still on the nest on the bridge over the roadway.
On my "recovery road" we couldn't help but notice all the "Whiskey Jack's" out and about, we stopped several times for photo's, here is an example.
Up the road a way, we were treated to the presence of two cow moose. This cow in particular was interesting, she was the most vocal moose I have ever spoken with, once I got her started she grunted on a regular basis.
 We wandered up the road a bit and we found this flower that was coverd with bees.
This is the first year that I have consistently found Redtail Hawks up here in these hills.
We finished up with our second grop of Sheep on the day. It was great to find this threesome, here are two.
We were able to "save" the day, and come out with some pretty good encounters.  Here is hoping you are having a great wildlife week!

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