Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bucks and Black bears, and a Blonde Bear (20130917) evening run.

We headed into town, got checked in and grabbed a little chow. We downloaded the morning photo's had a couple of beverages and grabbed a nap, it was an early morning. As we got into "bear country" we spotted both the Sow with cubs and the large brown unit, here is another shot of that bear.
As mentioned from this morning we were keeping an eye out for birds. Jamie spied this fellow right at t the end of the road.
Things were rolling along pretty slow all afternoon, but we did find this young Black bear to shoot.
As we headed into town due to night fall we spotted this Blonde Beauty, and it made the whole trip for me.
We were able to anticipate the direction and pace of travel, and so were positioned to get some great shots.

And here is pretty much the closest we had been to bear all day. This is a no crop shot at 210 mm :)
As we "rolled" into town near dark we were graced with the presence of this fabulous Ram, as some would say, he has a pretty nice satchell there!
That wraps up Day 1, I hope you enjoy. Here is to another great Wildlife week, let's keep them going!

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