Saturday, 21 September 2013

Grouse, Black Bear, Brown Bear (20130919) Waterton Day 3 morning

Well here we go again, Day 3, and we are greeted with a clear cool crisp morning. With the change in the weather we are anticipating another great day in search of bears. Having driven through snow yesterday we anticipated that we would find some white stuf on the surrounding mountains. This is sunrise, and we had vistas like this around us all morning long, tough to take:)
As beautiful as the morning was the animals were not out and about. Our first sighting wasn't until 8:20 when we found this hen Ruffed Grouse, we had watched as two of her chicks had crossed the road.
Here is a second shot, in this one you should be able to see the break in the black band on her tail, this is what tells you that she is a hen. The roosters do not have this interruption in the band, it is dark all the way across.
We finaly found our first bear, this lone Black unit on a side hill. This is a younger bear,
15 minutes later we found a Sow with cubs, and strongly believe that this family unit is different from the one that we have been watching in the area for the past two days. Here are the cubs.
Here is mom, and the white on her chest looks to form a diamond, not the stright "V" lines of the other mother.
30 minutes later we were able to once again find Dopey. He is looking like he is putting on weight better than any other bear that we have seen.
Here is a shot that would you lead you to believe that he is actually quite a large bear. This was our last opportunity of the morning as we had to hustle into town to get checked out of the hotel on time.
That wraps up our Thursday morning tour, hope you are enjoying the bear shots!

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