Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sunday walk on Wednesday? (20130904)

Well I signed up for the Sunday walks again this quarter. As I am not working right now, I decided to take advantage of the mid-week walks and keep my weekend open for outings outside the city. So wednesday became my Sunday. On the drive into  the park I was forced to stop to let this Partridge hen get her brood across the open pavement and into the safety of the long grass.
I was a little early for the regualar scheduled time so I took a look around and fount this successful Osprey!
I also found this Accipiter being harrassed by mob of Magpies. We would continue to see this, or other Accipiters all morning. I believ tha this is a Cooper's Hawk. You can see two Magpies in this shot as well.
One particularaspect I loe about this park is that there are Great Horned Owls around, if you can find them.
The swarming of this owl and its mate helped us locate them. I was only able to get one owl as the other must have vacated the area in the time it took me to get in postion.
I have been adding some of the smaller birds lately and a cooperative White Breasted Nuthatch always get the nod on my blog.
Zel will like the inclusion of a flower shot, as close to Landscape contribution that I could muster.
We were provide "fly by's" by several interesting birds; Double Crested Cormorant, Assipiter's, Osprey, Kildeer, and Waxwings. We finished the day with 39 different species, a successful fall day. I will wrap up here with a shot of a Greater Yellowlegs. I like how I was able ot get the bird, the reflection and the shadow.
I hope you have a great wildlife week.

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