Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 2 bird walk. (20130915)

I didn't do the walk this Sunday morning, but I did pop out twice to through the week, and thought I would put up a post with shots from the week. Monday we started with a Grey Catbird.
We were also able to find some Double crested Cormorants, and Warblers including this flighty little fellow.
We also did a little peeking as the Robin's we were taking a bath.
On the way back we found this young injured gull, with his dinner floating close by.
On day 2, I found these ducklings ahead of the walk heading out.
We found this Great Blue Heron, we believe that it is likely a juvenile, on a gravel bar that didn't exist prior to the flood earlier this year. 
It an area that was a pond prior to the flood we found a tree that had been "bowled over" and the Cormorants are now using it for roost, and drying area.  They don't have oil glands to keep their feathers from getting wet, so they need to get out on a tree and dry off in the sun.
The nice thing about having a new walk is that there are always people who have never fed a bird from their hand and a new batch of Chickadees learn early:)
We found mom keeping an "eye" on her ducklings as we wrapped up the walk on Wednesday. 
I missed the Saturday walk where they spotted a Great Crested Gnatcatcher, is is a very uncommon bird for Calgary.Here is hoping you had a great wildlife weekend.

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