Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bucks and Black bears, and a Blonde Bear (20130917) Waterton day 1

The day started with Jamie's call @ 4:50 a.m., he was on his way, a little pumped for the trip to Waterton to see if we could find some Black Bears.On the road by 5:35  in the dark. The trip headed South and was uneventful until sun rise when we greeted by this Bachelor herd of nine Muley Bucks.
After that it was a moose, that didn't want to stick its head out of the bushes so we could get a shot, a Coopers Hawk and an American Kestrel. Just before 9:00 we had our first nice Black Bear.
Just up the roadside there was this Sow and her two cubs, they wer feeding like mad, getting ready for winter.
The bears were continuously out of reach for us, there was nothing of a close encounter of any sort all morning long. With our new found Warbler knowledge we were on the lookout and "listen out" for any birds that were present. We wre able to locate Yellow Rumps all day long.
Here is as shot of a nice Brown colouration bear, it was feeding steadily, and efficiently. This bear did not move much at all and seemed very intent on eating everything within reach prior to moving even a foot. I think you can tell from the "Caboose" that this is a healthy bear.
We latter found a couple of small bears way off in the distance to wrap up our morning with a count of 8. Another post for the afternoon run will be coming quickly behind this one.

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