Monday, 2 September 2013

September time of change begins. (20130901)

As we travel in the higher elevations we begin to see the start of fall, it is approaching rapidly. Jamie pointed out earlier this week that last year September and October were awesome. I checked last year's entries and he is absolutely right, last fall was a fabulous season. So we start this September with the hopes of surpassing a fabulous season! So we headed out to the Ranch, a little behind shedule, not knowing what we would find.
An early morning Coyote was first opportunity, it was busy hunting up something to eat.
The "golden hour" light would prove to be my nemesis, not just for this shot, but for many other opportunities that were presented. Our next "present" was an early morning moose, in a non-typical area.
Next up was this immature Redtail. It provided us with a nice look and "held" very nicely.
We talked it into providing us with  little aerial display.
Just up the road, as we were checking for Sharpies we spotted this Northern Harrier. I am disappointed that my skills couldn't provide a better quality shot.
And now for Take off!
A less conspicuous member of the woods, the Yellow Rumped Warbler, also made an appearance for us.
Around the corner and over hill this unit was busy hunting down lunch when we interrupted it, "are you talking to me?".
This beauty was hunting as well, we really didn't want to spook him, but the Swainson's seem rather spooky this year. In previous years I have been able to approach these birds to rather close proximity.
"Look ma, no head!".
We took a quick swing through the South East and picked up a Eurasian Collared Dove, a first for Jamie and I both.
As we approached one of our favourte water holes, things were looking pretty vacant, then we spotted a group of 4 Ibis on the south side of the road. When we reached close to the end of the water hole we found about a dozen on the North side, where the light was much better.
As I have mentioned before, I love the "sheen" these birds have.This is my best shot as yet of these gorgeous birds.
I'll wrap this long post off here, with a highly successful outing. I hope everyone has a great wildlife weekend.

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