Monday, 16 September 2013

Cougar sightings at the Cross means we have to go look. (20130915)

On Saturday I took my old boss and his wife out for an early morning walkat the Cross, they had never been and we had been planning an outing for many months. Even though we were out early, I believe the recent heat here has driven the critters and birds into the shade, wherevever they can find it.  As we climbed out of the Pine Creek bottom we found this Sapsucker.
Along with this fella we also found this Yellow Rumped Warbler.
Even with the wildlife hiding there is a lot to catch your eye and attention, like this thistle blossom.
We got to spend a little time with this Downey Woodpecker, working along the fenceline.
There are several berries ripening and drawing our eye with their colours.
We had a great time and spent 3 1/2 hours taking the sights on Saturday. 
On Sunday Kerrie wanted to get out even earley with the hopes of getting a glimpse of the cats in the area, but another very warm day kept everyone hiding.  We were greeted by three Ruffed Grouse as we walked up the driveway and were enjoyed a first class sunrise as we took a peek around our first vantage point. During our walk we found many warblers, Palm, Yellow Rumped and even a Kinglet or two. Kerri go her first Sapsucker of the year. The highlight was a fly-by o close to 30 Sandhill cranes that appeared and very quickly glided by overhead.
There are also many flowers that are late bloomers around the property to gain your attention.
We too had a great walk and an enjoyable day. I hope you too got to get out for a little wildlife time on the weekend.

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