Sunday, 8 September 2013

Coopers, Osprey, Blue Headed Vireo, Garter snake (20130908) FCPP Sunday morning walk

With rain on Friday and Saturday there was some question as what we might find today. I headed down a little early to see if I could spot the GHO's. No sign of the owls but, I did see this pair of Cooper's hawks, they seemed to playing in the tree tops.
They weren't the only raptors we found, there were many opportunities presented by the local Osprey's.
We were also treated to a new bird for me the Blue Headed Vireo, I was even able to grab an acceptable shot.
Maybe even a second acceptable shot.
Down the trail we found Whitebreasted Nuthatches and Black Capped Chickadees, and furthe down House Wrens. We then broke into the open, and there were  warblers all around in the trees above us. they are very tough to get shots of as they flit aroumd, especially with the colour of the leaves hiding them so well.
That is a Warbling Vireo, and this is a Yellow Rumped Warbler.
While "owl hunting" I found a couple of these Downey Woodpeckers.
And I'll finish the post up with what is probably my most artistic shot of the day, these three Mallard Hens grabbing a little "quiet time" on a log in the low lying water.
Actually I am going to throw a shot of a Wandering Garter Snake that we found on Thursday, it was warming itself on the paved part of the trail.
I hope you have a super wildlife weekend!

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