Saturday, 19 July 2014

Bambi, Goldens, Sandpiper (20140718) a very hazy lazy drive after work with Kerri

Getting off work early didn't really pay off for us today. We  head out from Timmys at about 2:30 swinging to the the north west in hopes of finding sftuff to shoot. Here in the west of Canada we have many forest fires burning out of control and so our skies have been hazy and very smoky. This leads to very poor light conditions. We took a side road that was pretty productive for us we ran into a few Cedar Waxwings. A first of the year fo the blog
On the return route Kerri spied a couple of high flying soaring birds they proved to be a pair of Golden Eagles. These birds love a bit of a breeze to just soar over a territory. We watched these birds cover several miles.
One of my most dependable roads provided us this juvenile sapsucker. we also spotted a Say's but not much else.
Let me correct that, we also found this singing Whitethroated Sparrow. I have been looking for one of these this year for the blog. I was thinking I might have to wait until September.
While we had stopped to shoot another Sappy, Kerri noted this Spotted Sandpiper in the trees. I thought it might be a Solitary as they actually nest in the trees. But as these shots testify, it was a Spotty.
Here it is on top of a Spruce tree.
With the critter and bird count falling off pretty dramatically we stopped and spent a little time with Flora and some of her beauties. Here is some nice crimsony looking Paintbush.
The real reason for the delay was i spotted these Bluebells and thought that my mother would kill me if I didn't take a couple of shots.
When it comes to Summer, the babies are the stars. When it comes to babies few are well recognized as Bambi. This is my best attempt so far at these little beauties. 
We found a couple of late evening elk that were off in the distance, but this was our hazy lazy drive. even in the worst conditions we can always find something to shoot:) 

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