Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yellowtail Butterfly, Deer, GGO (20140630) More shots with a full frame

Jamie wanted to do guide duty again this Monday and I was glad for the break from driving. He had some spots in mind and we were on the road by 5:00 a.m. The bride had got up with me and she had me all off my routine, as a result I left my monopod at home. It would mean I would have to hand hold at 600mm, it would be an interesting experiment. While we had spotted and shot some Grebes and had a close encounter with a Snipe the weather was not cooperating so the first image I'll post os of this Muley doe showing how they bounce.  The grass was almost as high as her back. But a little sproing and she is above the impediment.
Our next subject of the day was a surprise, as this young GHO showed up in an area where we have never found them before. This youngster was quite cooperative.
While our next item isn't a critter, I couldn't help but think about how this mushroom looked like a  Hobit house:)
Nexxt up we spot a Greenwing Teal couple and also shot this female Redwing Blackbird bringing home the chow for the little ones.
Next up was a little time spend with a Rosebreasted Grosbeak.
While we were there we also found a couple of Evening Grosbeaks, here is a male.
Just a minute up the road we spotted this little Muley doe grabbing a bite to eat in the shade of the aspens.
Our only GGO of the day was spotted by Jamie in the ditch on my side of the road. We were in a rough section of road and about to compliment him on his driving when he spotted this guy.
This Whitetail doe was out and about, I liked the look of the buzzing flies around her noggin.
We finished up the day with some small colour with these Yellow Swallowtails.
There were little "swarms" of these butterflys, and as we looked and watched a little closer we could see that they were laying their eggs. we were both surprised that gravel was their medium for the eggs.
Id you look closely you can see "bubbles" under the back end of this unit. A colourful and successful day. It was nice not to have to go into work and have a long weekend. Tomorrow will be the last day with the full frame, no telling what we will find then.

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