Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Moose Supplemental (20140705) What a cooperative subject.

We were cruising along in Moose country when we found this gentleman just completely at ease with our company. Jamie dumped me out close then moved off a little.
We thought that we might have lost him but when we cam back out to the main road here he was. Just a little shot of heaven here with him and the mountains in the background.
There were a couple of pretty inconsiderate people that pulled up very close in their carsand took images, then roared off. They don't understand that this is the Moose's home, and that they should be far more respectful. They need to stop and speak with the wildlife. Jamie and I were cracking up as this guy was telling us jokes; "So a Wolf and a Magpie walk into a bar".
Then he thought we would love to get high on some Rocky Mountain dandelions :)
Next thing he has us rolling in the ditches doing his Clem Kadiddlehopper routine.
I tell ya, people need to slow down and when they get a chance to spend a little time with some cooperative wildlife they should be a little nicer and pay more attention.
While I indicated that this would be a Moose supplemental I thought I would add a couple other images that didn't make the original post. Like this Coyote shot.
Then I thought why not include a couple more Grizz images. I am very happy with these. This first image was taken at probably less than 30 yards.
Here is a much longer distance shot, after he had crossed the road and had taken a bit of a neighbourhood census.
I'll finish this post up with a shot of a mature Rocky Mountain Ram. If you take a look you can see the green material on his right horn.  You can also see how his horn on that side is "worn" down.  This is an indication of excessive wear caused by feeding, especially in winter.
I hope you enjoyed the re-visit to last Saturday!

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