Wednesday, 2 July 2014

YHBB, Ruddy, Sora (20140629) In the blind with Jamie

Jamie and I headed to the Lake  to see what we might be able to get close to with our full frame cameras. I kno wthat I can get close enough to large critters to shoot with a full frame, but birds, especially small birds are going to be tough. Our first visitors were a gaggle of Yellowheaded Blackbirds. It was tough to select a shot or two for the blog, but I am pretty happy with this.
Oner of my nemesis birds was also present. I gave up trying to follow them with the autofocus and gave the manual version a try. I was surprised by some of my results.
We had three Eared Grebes float by, so we had some great opportunities. The sun was also present which always makes the shots easier to capture.
I have been waiting to get some decent images of an American Avocet. While this bird wouldn't approach I am pleased with this attempt.
One of our favourite birds is always the Sora, it was a super surprise to catch this one up off the ground a bit. I love the foot in this shot, and a little wing flap too.
I decided to throw this next image is because of the three reflections of the that very difficult eye to capture well.
A bird that I have been struggling to capture a good image this year has been the Ruddy Duck. But today we had a couple of performers that came in close. I liked the drop of water in this shot.
Here is one more of these terrific blue beaked beauties.
That wrapped up our "Blind time". the next post will cover off what else we found on the drive home:) There are great things to see here in Alberta EVERYWHERE!

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