Monday, 7 July 2014

Cinnamon, Shoveler, Piebilled (20140702) A trip to the SE with Tim

On our very first trip together a couple of years ago Tim and I spotted a red fox and we have been trying to get shots of one, or more. So we headed out to where Jamie and I had spotted the kits with the hope of capturing them out in the open. On the way we spotted some shot worthy subjects, like a pair fo Piebilled Grebes.
we next stopped for a couple of Cinnamon Teals.
Next up was this Northern Shoveler drake, it looks like he is in mid-moult.
As you can see we are in the peak of the green season here in Calgary. we generally stay this way until after Stampede, then we stsart turning brown.  Stay tuned and you will see what I mean. Here is a pair of Redheads.
With no kits on the first pass at our next waterhole I grabbed this Yellowheaded. I just had to blow this up for you to have a look at.  This is right out of the camera:)
This next shot is for brother Len, and the other Whitetail hunters out there. This little buck is obviously been eating well.
It seems to be Teals this year that are easy to find and shoot, here is yet another Bluewinged. No kits on the second pass.
We wrapped up the evening with a pair of Grey Partridge, it has been awhile since we have found these birds out in the open.
While no kits, you an see that we had a lot of activity with some super opportunities. Never a dull moment out here in Alberta!

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