Thursday, 3 July 2014

Godwit, yellowlegs, fox kits? (20140629) The drive home from the lake

On the ride homewe found a few subjects to shoot. The first of these were a few Marble Godwits, these were a first for Jamie. They proved very entertaining.
They seemed to be just as interested in us we were in them. They were a terrific subject in super light.
We visited a spot where Tim and I had some luck a couple of weeks ago, and found a Lesser Yellowlegs. Unfortunately we were losing our light as well.
We were also visited by one of my nemesis birds, but I had to try and capture another of these fabulous birds.
Another favourite water bird for here in Alberta is the Whitefaced Ibis. As we lost the sun we were unable to find one "shimmering", perhaps another day.
We also ran past one of my top ten places to spend a little time and grabbed this mother Eared Grebe with her passenger.
So we had a stellar way with a lot of images to review. Then we spotted these little guys next to the road. We went back thinking they were Coyote pups, but I believe they are actually Fox kits.  Which do you think they are?
A super wrap up to the day was my sixth badger of the year. Jamie grabbed a couple of images, but they were of the south end of the north bound critter. He might send over an image later for the post. Hope you had a super weekend.

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