Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dove, Kestrel, Sora (20140713) A swing around the south with Tim

An early morning with the promise of a new day and all that it can hold. If the sunrise was any indication we were in for a great day.
The other common celestial body we get to see out here was also on full display and we shot it at the same time as the sun, we basically just had to turn around.
As the sun gained heighth and strength we spotted many targets. We spent a fair amount of time with this family of young Mountain Bluebirds.
Next we had some opportunities with Rosebreasted Grosbeaks in search of some other targets but we had no luck. Next up were a couple of cooperative Mourning Doves. We don't usually get to see them this close.
We next spent a little time with this American Kestrel that was distracted by its breakfast, but just a little.
We took some time to swing by the lake and grab a couple of images. Here is a shot of a Grebe feeding her young. The chicks are growing at a terrific rate. When youlook at the fluff on the youngster, it is had to see how it will soon look like its mother and the water coating it takes on when she is in the water.
We also spent some time with a pair of Sora's that were feeding their chicks. They did not sit still at all, but they wre pretty much out in the open.
Tim has developed a favourite spot out in this area so we stopped by. There plenty of birds around but they all kept their distance, except this Tern.
At another of Tim's recent favourites I grabbed a quick shot of this GBH. It would have been nice if it would have held a little longer.
While the day was great, I am disappointed with the quality of my images today, perhaps the light was too harsh.  Harsh light or not, we were able to find a lot of material today. Another typical day here in Alberta.

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