Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pups, Chicks, Moose (20140720) Ya just gotta love the babies

Well the heat has seemed to have slowed all the big critters down to the point that the are rarely being seen. But you still have to show up in case they decide to be cooperative. We had only been out of the house 45 minuters when we found two bull moose gamboling in a hay field. This is the larger of the two.
We found some other items here and there but the next item that really captured our attention was this female Spruce grouse.
As I was backing up to see where she was on the shoulder of the road, I confirmed with Jamie it was indeed a Franklins. As we approached and began looking for her in the brush when we were surprised by one of these little units.
Here is one of its nest mates. I think that there actually four chicks, but there could have easily been more.  They looked to be about the size of a cup, but they could already fly. This was my first encounter with Sprucie chicks so my amazing Grouse year continues into the summer, I LOVE it.
Our next parent encounter was with another critter that I have had a terrific year shooting, a Wiley E. Coyote
Then just up the road we found this miniture replica.
Around the corner two more of these great looking pups. This little fella walked right up to the truck, no crop here. I think it is a terrific portrait.
I had to include this third little pup, this has a little more environment in it and the green looks great. It was nice for the sun to add a little light to this encounter.
At the end of the road we were headed into the washroom when we spied a couple of Red Crossbill. This is a bird that we issed all winter so i thought I wouldn't get any images at all for the blog this year.
In this bird's company was another Winter bird that eluded me all year. We have been seeing them flying high in the trees, this is my first time I have caughtr them on the ground. Here is a tiny Pine Sisken.
Back out on the "main drag" we found a herd of bachelor rams. These mature Rocky Mountain sheep are impressive animals.
I'll wrap up this post with a little waterfall that is a remnant of our disasterous storms last spring that lead to the heavy flooding. Zel might like this shot, I will wait to hear from him:) This is our own version of the Horse Falls, not at all out of place here in Cowboy Country.
We had yet another fabulous day in Kanaskis country here in Alberta.

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