Monday, 8 September 2014

Antlers and Fur (20140901) The antlers were out in ernest

I decided to do this as a follow up supplemental because we had enough great encounters to throw them together for a post. Our first encounter was bright and early. This "herd master" is already gathering the ladies up some fun during the rut.
Just up the road we ran into these two Whitetail bucks. They were nice enough to each stop  and give an opportunity for a shot.
This second buck has a second brow tine on his left side, a pretty unique feature.
Here are the two of them walking away in the grain field, the farmer should have a pretty group crop based upon the height of the stems.
Here are three more Whitetail bucks in a small bachelor herd. The largest is growing into a pretty nice unit. I think in two years he will be a trophy.
These boys weren't all alone either. There were some ladies just up the hill, so they are keeping an eye on their potential mates.
Next up we captured this long distance Muley Buck. He is looking pretty impressive.
This next Whitetail Doe was standing full out in the sun. I really like how I was able to capture her left eye. Oh, and yeah, we were pretty close.

I'll wrap up here with one more Whitetail buck. I know my brother Len would like to see a few bucks, and when I can throw in a couple of Elk, well that's just a bonus--Right?
It won't be long and the velvet will be gone. There should be some good meat for the larders this fall.

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