Saturday, 6 September 2014

Birds, birds, birds (20140901) A run With Jamie into his country.

After our excitement yesterday, we decided to investigate a little different area. We had a discussion to fully investigate some of the roads we had been "passing by" lately. We headed into a little spot where Jamie had spied some Sandhill Cranes earlier in the year. There were quite a few "water" birds about like this female Shoveler.
There were quite a few American Coots about as well. I like this shot as the reflection has the nostril lined up just right.
Our very first "extension" road produced this screaming Redtail Hawk. I was very appreciative of the cool early morning. I am certain it helped "hold" the bird for us to get our shots.
On our very next added road we spent some time with this very cooperative Swainson. They have to be the photographers favourite subject with their patient nature. I love the little feathers floating in the air after his "fluff" :)
Later in the morning we caught up with George and his wife, and he spotted this Merlin. I went in search of a closer shot, and only got marginally closer.
On another of our targeted roads we found 5 specie we hadn't seen elsewhere in a while. Here is a Kinglet, I cannot decide which one Golden or Ruby Crowned.
This little Downey found himself a little bug to help with his energy supply. It is amazing to watch them and see where they find stuff.
I haven't a clue what this little fella is, unless it is a Wilson's. We spotted one in the area. I initially thought it might be a Yellow-Rumped but I believe that there is too much yellow on the belly. Sorry for the poor image, but as you can see from the sky behind, we were desperate for some light.

It has taken my quite a while to find a copy of this bird this year. Last year we had great luck spotting them last year, but here is the first Boreal Chickadee for this years blog entry.
Our final stop of the day netted us this young Rednecked Grebe. We are hoping that it returns to the same pond next year to give more opportunities.
A day that started with sun and promise delivered on most of both, but the sun definitely faded by midday. How was your day?

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