Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Moose, Bald Eagles (20140922) More exploration with Jamie

Keeping with the recent theme of exploration, Jamie and I thought we would take a couple of sideroads that we often pass by. We were in position a little early and the new area was looking pretty good. At the very end of one of the roads we found this young bald eagle.
We really liked the mood of the early morning, predawn conditions. For once I am not complaining about lack of light:) It was a terrific situation where the eagle just sat there and we had the opportunity to shoot it through the dawning of the morning.
There was a dead critter not too far away and as a result there were crows and magpies in the area as well. After a full 20 minutes of watching this bird I was able to add the 2.0 teleconverter that greatly improves my ability to "fill the frame".  We spent almost a full hour with this magnificent bird before deciding to move along. It was a fabulous morning encounter with this raptor.
On the road again and into the September theme of Moose, we found this cow, a couple of quick images and we were on our way.
Our next moose encounter provided us with a nice little (everything is relative) surprise. We were watching the cow, when this nice dark grey calf appeared from behind.  You can watch a short video on my You-Tube channel, here.
We next grabbed this young Sapsucker, I believe it is a Yellow-bellied, but who knows.
Next we found another cow moose on the side of road, and when I got myself into position, again I found a beautiful calf.
At this time the traffic was getting pretty heavy and vehicles were pulling over. Mom was getting nervous and she gave out a little grunt, this youngster was at her side in an instant, wondering "what's up mom?"
On the way home we were treated to this little 1929 Model A-- I believe that is what it was as the license plate was a Saskatchewan 29 EH.   A very beautiful little coupe! I am certain that brother Lloyd will love this little unit.
It just goes to show you once again, when you head out for wildlife in Alberta, you never know what you are going to find! I hope you all had a little wildlife in your weekend.

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