Saturday, 20 September 2014

Swainson, Swainson, Swainson (20140918) An early run on my own.

Well, the wife's uncle slept in this morning. He claims we had our wires crossed about the pick up time, but "I don't think so Tim!" . So I headed out on my own maybe a little later than I would have if I knew I was going solo. This first Swainson of the morning was initially picking grasshoppers off the field, it then popped up onto this fencepost. If you look close you can see the pink morning sun in its eye.
This little Muley buck was walking up the road in front of me, when I stopped he looked for a place to get under the fence.
I stopped in at our new "warbler" spot, but things were pretty quite. I did capture this Kinglet.
As I was finishing up my run I found this adult Swainson. It just wouldn't shut up :)
Just up the road and over the hill I found what I believe is the youngster of the previous bird. Wouldn't it be great if we could "look over our shoulder" like this?
I was actually able to get pretty close to this very cooperative bird. It too was being pretty vocal.
This shot is for my buddy Jamie, he loves the talons of all the raptors. I wasn't thinking properly at the time or I would have just shot the feet. This is a pretty heavy crop of a full portrait image. I will miss these very cooperative birds over the winter, they will be headed south by the end of this month.
There were also quite a number of RTH's out and about in the morning. We always try to improve our images of these tough to shoot birds.
While it is always great to get out on my own, I am certain an extra pair of eyes would have been good to have.  Get out somewhere in the outdoors on the weekend and find some wildlife, I will :)

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