Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lincolns, Yellow Warbler, Sapsucker (20140907) I just cannot seem to stay home :)

With all of our "western" opportunities lately it wasn't hard to talk Jamie into a trip back to where we had seen the big cat and Barred Owl in the past month. So we were off at 6:00 a.m. with great expectations. The "early" hours were pretty uneventful, perhaps we had gone to the well once too often. We spent some time looking for warblers but none were showing themselves. We did manage this immature Swainson.
Another look, while in flight.
On this very short little stretch of road we had a couple of other worth noting visitors. Although we had a very sunny day, this Lincolns Sparrow was a very difficult capture, it just wanted to stay in the dark.
The next little group of bushes also netted us a bird we haven't in a while a Yellow Warbler. Again, hiding in the leaves and shade made even getting a shot of this little beauty difficult.
Isn't it amazing how you can just happen into such a little flurry of activity that before you know it an hour has passed as you are watching and waiting for the opportunity for a shot or two.  We re-ran one of our most productive areas of late and were granted the opportunity for some Mountain Bluebirds. It seems we weren't the only ones on the "hunt".
It is great to see all the Kestrel's that have matured into looking very much like their parents. I believe that this is a youngster from this year. Leaving for a hunt.
A little later in the morning we found this juvenile Sapsucker. With the colouration at the back of the neck I believe this is a Red-naped.
Finishing up our Tour we spied this young Redtail "out standing in the field " :)  There are a lot of young raptors around this time of year.
Life is great! We had a great day shooting a new set of subjects. That's what it is like here in Alberta, you never know what you are gong to be finding when you spend some quality time in the woods.

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