Thursday, 18 September 2014

Redtails, fawn, Snipe (20140917) Taking a loner run, will it pan out?

Well with everyone working, I thought I would take a run for GGO's. After our recent snows it would seem they might be out looking for some chow. The morning was looking good, but the "golden hour" light had me thinking that this juvenile gull was something else.
The next "golden hour" capture was this resting Coyote. I would have liked to get out to get a shot as shooting through the passenger window never gives me a good rest. I need to investigate doing something for these situations.
The last subject of this highly desirable light, for most photographers, was this healthy looking cow Elk. Shot this at just 360mm. :) I believe that this is last years calf.
Next up was this Wilson's Snipe. It was great to see one on something other than a fence post :)
On the same road, just a half mile away this cooperative Redtail was sitting patiently waiting for me to "show up and shoot", so I did.
The morning was speeding by, being very unproductive when I found this fawn, with its sibling and mother. It was quite curious and walked right over close to the truck for a portrait shot.
Here she is slipping under the barbed wired fence, you can see that her spots have almost disappeared except on her flanks.
There were gravel trucks everywhere in the area I wanted to investigate so I headed home and finished the day with this Redtail Hawk soaring over the road with another.
Even though the trip was cut short, and I didn't find a GGO as was intended, I did find some unique critters to make up for it. I hope you too had a great wildlife day.

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