Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dusky, Raven, Kestrel (20140906) Will 1A pay off today?

With the good fortune that my guests and I have been enjoying lately it was a tough decision to determine where to head on Saturday morning. Kerri and I decided the 1A run might just produce great opportunities since we were pretty successful on our last pass. We were just getting started when we ran into this little lady and her four or five fledglings.
It took us a little while to start finding the kids, this little fella was sitting in plain sight, just under the overhanging boughs of the spruce tree they probably stayed under last night.
We picked up some White-crowned Sparrows in Moose Meadows. Then nearing the end of our run we spied this little Black Bear crossing the road. Even though it is September it still is shedding last winters coat.
On our return trip we were provided a nice cooperative Raven. The sun was good and I believe the colouration shows quite nicely here.
We did a little exploring on the drive home and found this little Kestrel. I can't apologize for the wire, I shoot them where I find them:)
Here it is again. While I don't condone baiting in order to get wildlife shots, this little guy looks like he is sitting within a swarm of flying ants hoping for a victim to come and feed on them.
We got home a little early, and still had a terrific day. Who know what you'll find when you get out? All I know is if you don't get out you won't find much:)

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