Saturday, 6 September 2014

Harrier, Hopper, Redtails (20140905) Out on my own on a Friday

I have heard some wonderful rumours and have been trying validate the rumours. It means putting in time at one spot and keeping my eyes peeled. While I didn't see my targeted subject I did manage to get a couple of shots that I am happy with. While walking a section of road I was surprized with this Northern Harrier blowing in.
She only made one pass by me but I was able to capture a second image. These might be my best Harriers ever.
Of course not every bird wants to be out there in the sun and blue sky. Here is a little wren hiding in the shadows.
I also picked this little orange grasshopper out. It certainly isn't very well camouflaged with todays foliage. I don't think I have found one of this colour ever before. If someone out there knows what this is please let me know.
With no sign of my target subject, I headed home. While on the "hands-free" unit with Tim I had to quickly hang up and grab an image of this successful hunting Redtail. You can see the fresh green grass by its feet as it eats its lunch.
Earlier this year I posted a couple of images of this next Redtail. The jury is out on whether it is a leucistic or a Krider's here is a little better image.
Here is another shot of this unique bird, this time in the air. This is the lightest bird of the Redtail model I have ever seen.
I will cut this post off here just showing once again that it doesn't really matter what we head out after we always find something worth shooting here in Alberta.

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