Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eclipse, Muley, Sharp-tailed (20150404) Hoping to reproduce yesterday

Well as Jamie I had headed in different directions yesterday with varying results, he was interested to see if we could duplicate my success. He was concerned that it would just be a "repeat" for me, but I told him that no two days are ever a repeat. While waiting for him to arrive I grabbed a couple of shots of the mornings total moon eclipse. This is as close as I could get to a "total".
As weheadedout of town we didn't get to see the moon again as it likely was hidden in a cloud bank. As we got into our "zone" we were finding Rough-legged Hawks aplenty. It really looks like they are already pairing up for their summer in the Arctic.
One of the great things about this time of year is the Mountain Bluebirds, they just make your whole day cheery!
While I had not seen any moose yesterday at all today we found 7. This cow was certainly not hanging around for shots. She looks good and healthy though.
It took us two attempts, but I did manage to get Jamie into the Sharpie flock for some images.
We were able to just sit in the truck and they calmed down and actually nestled in for a bit.
About 10 minutes later though they were back up and feeding.
On the way home, by the swan pond (which had about 30 swans), we found a little herd of Mule Deer. This little buck is just getting his "nubs" started.
He was with about 8 others but he wasn't the only buck this deer too is sporting nubsgetting ready for antlers to start sprouting.
Although we did not replicate yesterday's sightings we had a terrific day in the outdoors investigating this area of our realm.  On a sadder note, I am pretty certain that Action Jackson has been sonsumed by a predator. During our visit today we found a pile of feathers on the roadway about halfway between his two drumming logs. We also noted a set of cougar tracks right there. We are unable to tell how long either of them have been there, although I am pretty certain the feathers were not there yesterday. C'est la vie.  This week try to put a little "wild" in your life!

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