Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Pine Marten (20150412) Third of three posts on a super Sunday

Well this is my third "themed" post from last Sunday's day out with Jamie. We had started the day with a Bang! spotting three Great Grey owls within just a few minutes. After a couple of terrific encounters we were then entertained thoroughly most the day with very cooperative Golden Crowned Kinglets. Our wrap up critter for the day was this fabulous Marten.
This was a very healthy looking weasel. the fur was luxurious and its tail was thick and black.
While this was a very brief encounter it is the first for me since Grayson and I found one on 1A anout 15 months ago.
This critter was much larger, I would say easily twice the size, and it seemed pretty comfortable with our presence, at least for a short time.
Then, quick as a squirrel, it leapt to the log in behind, and I almost missed it entirely.
Then I managed a couple of shots as it traveled along the deadfall. Here is what I consider my best effort of the group as it captures the animal in its element, doing what it does.
I am looking forward to see what Jamie might send over to augment these images. I know he has a couple that really had my attention when we were reviewing in the vehicle afterward.  This weekend, put a little "wild" in your life, you deserve it!

Here is one of Jamie's shots that he has passed along to me.

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