Monday, 13 April 2015

Great Grey Owls (20150412) One of three posts for this unusual day.

With the wind persisting for the third day in a row, Jamie and I decided to head out to see if we could find an owl or two. We got out a little earlier than normal and almost had to wait for light. But we didn't wait, and we were rewarded.  I want to note here that due to our limited variety on the day, but the quality of our encounters I will be doing three posts for this day. This first is dedicated to our target specie the Great Grey Owl. Here is a shot that Jamie got of our very first bird @ 6:49 a.m. just before sun up. As is often the case, this bird was first spotted and captured on a little road where we had never traveled before. The message here is NEVER STOP EXPLORING!!!!
Jamie was the owl whisperer on this day. This bird flew from this perch to one MUCH closer to Jamie, I expect he has a lot of marvelous shots of this bird in his portfolio now.  Our next bird was just up the road about 15 minutes later just as the sun was making an appearance.
 I added this next shot as it pounced on some prey as I just love the pinkish halo around the wings of the bird.
It popped up on the fence post with its prize, and the light wa fabulous!
The landing was stuck like a gymnast! This is a better quality shot.
With its meal complete, it was across the road to another post. Jamie then headed down to the fence line for a better angle.
I threw this shot in for the look of the legs. I really like how it turned out.
After it was on the fence line for a bit I turned around and caught a glimpse of our third GGO of the morning. I don't think Jamie even got a shot. All I have is evidence.
Then the "whisperer" went to work once again. He got our second owl to fly down to him and do a little "hover" right in front of him. I am waiting to get a shot or two to add to the post here. I hope they come soon.
I will finish this GGO only post with owl two just one fence post away from Jamie.
I hope you enjoyed our 35 minutes of joy with these fabulous birds. After this encounter I said to Jamie; " I could go home and go back to bed and feel like I have already had a full day!" he agreed. A very special morning. This week, put a little "wild" in your life!

Here are a couple of "hovering" shots that Jamie has provided.
And five shots later, one with dangling legs, which is always something that he likes to capture.
To see more of Jamie's great images check out his Flickr photostream here.

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