Sunday, 5 April 2015

Northern Flickers, GHO's, Downy Woodpecker (20150402) First Walk of the spring.

With the Winter walks wrapping up last week this week's walk is a tradition of starting at FCPP Headquarters with a look at the local owl families. Here is a shot of Dad of family one.
As I was taking this gentleman's portrait a couple of male Northern Flickers made an appearance and put on quite a show.
It is great o see all their colour on these birds as the dance around and present.
They "dance" on the ground trying to intimidate their rivals in order to win the hearts of the nearby lady.
We then headed over to see Mom 1 with one of her owlets. Apparently there are three small ones in this nest but we were only to see one of them.
Even 20 minutes later the two Flickers were still jocking for position for the rights to court the local lady.
Next up was a quick trip to take in the second family of owls.  Here is mom, with her tail bent back, and one we can see just the down of one of her young 'uns. This is the third year that they have nested in this same tree.
With some of the kids not being in school this week we had three young ladies with us. The kids always love feeding birds from their hands, when they get the chance.
We wrapped up the walk with a peek at some Mallards. As I have said before I love when I can capture their heads with the blue hue.
That was this weeks walk. I hope that you get to put some wild in your life this week.

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