Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Coyote, Magpie, House Finch (20150319&22) a couple of walks at Carburn Park

This week's walk was at Carburn Park and I had a little extra time and energy on Thursday so I decided to do both a Thursday and Sunday morning walk. My main body is in the shop for service so I reverted to my back-up D7000. I have to do some fine tuning with it so these images are not the best. Here is a beautiful Whitetail that just lay in the warming spring sun, one of about 7 deer we found.
My next target was this Common Goldeneye that I snuck up on. I was hoping that I wouldn't disturb it, but it ended up taking to the wing.
The Thursday trip also treated us to a spingy singing House Finch "announcing his presence with authority!"
Our Sunday morning started great with this little Brown Creeper, we looked for it on Thursday but couldn't find it. These are very tough birds to find and shoot.
This next image is my best Black-billed Magpie to date. These typically "black and white" looking bird have alot of colours in their feathers if you are able to capture them just right!
As we were finishing up our walk this Coyote broke out across the pond from the area we had just come through. I love it when I can grab them with all four feet aff the ground. This is a healthy looking animal that has wintered very well.
While I am not a big squirrel shooter, I thought I would add this critter showing off how it can hang from its hind legs on the tree while it grabs a bite. Also note the "red" colouration in its tail. This is a dark phase of the Eastern Grey squirrel.

The GHO's that have nested in the parking lot here at the park for the past couple of years have moved further back into the park. Hopefully they won't be harassed by the people too much this year. This is Dad stsanding watch over the nest.
Get out this week and be certain to put a little wild in your life! It will do you good!

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