Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Golden Crowned Kinglet (20150412) Two of three posts on the day

As mentioned in the previous postI am taking a slightly different approach to the trip we had on Sunday. We did not have a lot of variety, but what we did find we had fabulous encounters with. So each post will "feature" a particular subject. This post is about the Kinglets. Typically I would be estatic to get this first image of these tiny creatures. He is singing is heart out.
However as the day progressed, Jamie was hearing these little gems everywhere!
They were very cooperative with showing us their "crowns".
Here is a shot that shows just how well they hide those red feathers on there skulls.
 They were just a joy to find and fill in the day all day long. It seemed that they were just everywhere and willing to entertain.
Don't get me wrong, these little buggers do not stay in one place very long! They are very tough to shoot.
To add a little perspective for the unaware, the only smaller birds that we get here in Alberta are humming birds. The little Kinglets are even smaller than Chickadees.
Just look how their size compares to the Spruce needles that they travel in. Their body is no much wider than the end of the branch.
It certinly was my "best ever" day with these beauties. We even managed to find a couple in the sun.
I probably have another 50 shots that I could add in here but you are probably getting tired of all this colour.
So I'll wrap up part two of this special Sunday that we shared.
I hope that this series might just encourage you to getsome "wild" in your life this week!

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