Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Great Grey, Bighorn Sheep, Tundra Swan (20150328) Will the 1A be lucky for Kerri and I today?

Well here we go again trying to find some great subjects on 1A. Last weekend Kerri and Simon (GhostBear Photography) think they spied a Fisher in the area so Kerri and I were off on the hunt. If you srea dedicated "Turbos" follower you know I have very little luck on 1A, and today was not an exception. I did manage to find this Great Grey Owl (on Kerri's side of the road?) on our pass through to the north.
We went up to the end of our road and turned around with little else visible. On the way back through the Owl had not moved and allowed me to take a shot from a little closer.
Our day was pretty unproductive as we continued on. We found a Rough-legged and  a long distance Northern Shrike, but it was windy and rainy and nothing was "holding" for photos. That was until we bumped into this herd of Bighorn Sheep rams.
This obvious "leader of the pack" is an impressive specimen. Here he is with some of his band of brothers.
Here is a portrait of the big guy. I believe I have seen this chipped horn on the left side before in my travels.
Here is one of his followers on a bit of a trot, they handle the rocky ground like it was grass.
As we wound our home homeward we found a number of ponds that contained Swans, I expect that there was a mixture of both Trumpeter and Tundra's like this one.
I'll wrap up this post with this Rough-legged hawk. It was a terrific reminder for us that, with the spring and all the new comers, we have to make certain we look all around all the time. We had been watching one of Jamie's favourite ponds, thinking we had seen a Blue-winged Teal, and almost missed this bird.
So keep your eyes open when you are out there getting a little wild in your life!

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