Monday, 13 April 2015

Muskrat and Mallards(20150410) a quick check for Wood ducks.

I try not to "chase" birds and mammals that I hear about, but occasionally if the conditions are wrong I will go ahead. I didn't get shots of Wood Ducks at all last year and it has been quite awhile. Jamie was teasing me on email telling me where he had found a pair the evening before. So the weather was perfect, and I headed out for a look see. My first sighting is a new shot for the year, some minnows in the muskrat pond.
I call it the Muskrat pond as that was my second spotting of the afternoon.
This time of year always give me a chance to practice my Mallard in flight shots. I think I might be getting better, I kind of like this image.
Here is another shot of the same bird. I might catch on to this whole bird in flight thingy yet.
This next mallard was a little easier to capture. It is nice to see the little bugs on the water proving the waterfowl with a quick, easy picking dinner.
I couldn't find the Woody's that Jamie was telling me about (you don't think he was just kidding do you?) so I made my  way back to where the "Rat" was hanging out.
I thought that I would include this next shot as it shows just how large this little rodent's teeth actually are.
That wrapped up my outing on this day, the wind was really starting to come up so I headed home. Make certain this week that you put a little "wild" in your life!

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