Monday, 13 April 2015

Ruffed Grouse, Varied Thrush, Northern Shrike (20150411) What a windy day!

Kerri and I were hoping to duplicate our outing with Dancing Sharptails, it seems like everyone is finding them but us. But the weather was not cooperating we had 60-70 kph winds to keep everything hidden. Well maybe not everything. I did spy this Ruffed sitting roadside in a quiet section of the road.
We waited and the bird eventually just settled down. It allowed me to add my teleconverter on my gear so this next shot is a little tighter.
Our next subject is a bird we have chased before, but today we were able to find and shoot it successfully. Here is my new "favourite" for now, the Varied Thrush.
One of my previous "favourites" was next up. I initially thought it was a Bluebird, but no it was a Northern Shrike.
We were hoping to see it hunt, but I think the wind was keeping it close to the ground.
Another bird I will continue to shoot everytime I get a chance until I get something I really like will be the European Starling. These are beautiful birds in their breeding plumage!  I just have a ard time getting close enough in the right light.
About that time we decided to let the wind just blow us all the way home as it was not calming down at all. I hope that you get to put a little "wild" in your life this week!

Here are a couple of Kerrri's shots on the day: A set of three Coyotes were sunning themselves in the middle of a field. Our passing broke up their reverie.
She was also in position to get this Northern Flicker when it showed up for a shot.
The sighting of the day was her spotting a pair of Sandhill Cranes. They were actually starting to dance. There was a thick layer of trees for cover, so it was tough to get any kind of image.
For more great images of Kerri's work please drop by and see her website

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