Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Blue Jay, Grackle, Purple finch (20150508) resting in Len's back yard.

After our 5800 kilometer journey from Calgary to Halifax it was pretty nice to put our feet up for a couple of days. Of course that never really happens, especially in spring. You can only "do nothing" for so long when the birds are visiting. This first group of shots are images of various birds that I shot in Len's back yard while getting our land legs back. First up is a Dark-eyed Junco.
Next up a rather drab, for the spring, American Goldfinch.
Another visitor was this Common Grackle. Oddly enough he seemed to be the only one around. I am more accustomed to finding these birds in flocks of up to 100.
Of course Len's back yard is always well stocked with cooperative Blue Jays coming in to say hello and grabbing a bite to eat.
There are always a contingent of Mourning doves in the area as well, today was not an exception. I am looking forward to being able to settle in to our own place and establish our own set of regular visitors.
This little Song sparrow didn't want to miss out either. This fella kept us company in the yard pretty well all the time.
The next day many of the regulars showed up. Mr Grackle had this "do you wanna mess with this" kind of attitude going on.
Of course the Jays put in an appearance. I just find these birds a ton of fun to shoot. They are a real challenge with the colour variations. I find it very tough to capture them just right, so I keep trying.
We had a new visitor today, a Purple Finch decided to join the proceedings. This is another tough bird due to its colouring.
The prize of the day though was this gorgeous rooster Ring-necked. He stode in and took over the place, even if it was just briefly.
I'll wrap up this post here. I am way behind and will be trying to get back up to date and on track here quickly. If you are a subscriber don't be surprised it you get a few notifications over the upcoming weeks.
Remember to put some wild in your week!

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