Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cardinal, Ruby throated Hummer, Black-and-white(20150517and18) A visit to mom's.

One of our primary reasons to move to the east coast was to be closer to family. That means pretty regular visits to Mom's house. SO we decided to pop over for an over nighter and have a visit. We were sitting around have a cuppa when I spied this little gem outside on one of her oak trees. This is the first time mom has seen a Black-and-white warbler in her yard.
It is not a very good image, but evidence material. I had to shoot through the sun room windows :)
Another popular pasttime is trying to capture the Humming birds that flit around her azalea bush.
It was a very poor day and it was actually raining when I took these images, so light was at a premium.
The next day we had some better light. ALong with the light came some different visitors, like apair of cardinals. I shot this female between the deck railings while she was in the sun.
I missed the close up shot of the male head on, but managed to capture the colour and crest from the back.
Here he is in all his glory in a nicer setting.
I also snapped this bee, I don't know which variety, it could be a wasp. I just really liked the striking black and yellow stripes.
I wasn't able to get any hummer shots in this beautiful light, some other time. Here is a portrait of one of mom's crows. She feeds them almost every day.
This just shows that you don't have to go too far in order to put a little wild in your day!

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