Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Cardinal, Oriole, Purple Finch (20150609) A stopover in Toronto

We left Calgary on schedule and were hoping to get to see our new grandson in Toronto on our way through. Nathan was born on May 5th some 3+ months early, so he was in a neo-natal room and we were not certain that we would be allowed to see him. We did get to spend a little time with him. What a tiny little feller! The stop over allowed me to get out into Sharon's back yard and do a walk around Too Good Pond in Markham.The yard is usally good for a Cardinal or two and this trip was no exception.
I was also able to capture this House Finch.
It was later in the afternoon and I didn't have much time before our evening outing, so I headed over to the pond for walk. I was fortunate enough to find this female Baltimore Oriole.
I watched her for a while and was able to actually find her nest, it is the lowest I have ever seen one. She was a vry tough target to try and capture. I think she could hide better if she didn't have that orange tail.
There can be no doubt that these are beautiful birds. This is the first time that I found them in this area, so a new discovery for me.
I couldn't find the Heron that frequents this area, but with bull rushes and creek there are always Red-winged Blackbirds here too.
On the way back to the house I also found this young Robin. 
So even if you are on the road traveling, you too should always find a little time to put some "wild" in your life!

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