Sunday, 22 November 2015

Porcupine, woodcock, Black-and-White (2015o524) first fishing trip of the year.

A couple of years ago while we in Nova Scotia for a Wedding, I think it may have been Len's youngest daughter, we gathered up brother Bill and headed in search of a mysterious trout lake. After many hours of searching and driving back roads we had to admit defeat and pack it in and go home. Well in the meantime Len has located the lake, and that is where we were off to today. On the drive things started to pick up about 45 minutes in when we found this Porcupine feeding in the tree tops.
While we were anxious to get to the lake, we did stop and spend a little time with critter.
These are pretty slow moing animals while they are in the trees. They are not supposed to be killed, as they are the only animal that a person lost in the woods is able to run down and kill should they need to. Not a subject that I had a lot of encounters with during my time in Alberta.
A little further along we had a nice round black bear jump out into the road and run infront of us for a bit. It was headed somewhere and didn't want anything to do with us so we wer unable to get any images.  Just as we came up to the lake we also spotted a Spruce Grouse, it flushed and we couldn't find it. So we got to the fishing part of the day and enjoyed some success. I will need to remember to bring along a shorter lens for shot opportunities in the boat.
While we on the shore stretching our legs for a bit we did notice a few warblers in the area and took note. Upon our return to the truck we thought we sould do a little warbler investigation prior to heading home. This nice Black-and-white was cooperative enough to show.
These are "flitty" little birds that are as bad a Chickadees for always being on the move, so I am pretty happy with my images today.
On the road home we were treated to another maritime treasure. This is Len's first ever Woodcock.
H couldn't stop chuckling over the way the bird walked. Here is a little video that I found on YouTube that demonstrates their "shuffle". I'd like to thank Susan Remmie for posting this video!
These are very difficult birds typically to find because they are so well camouflaged.
As this is a "first ever" on the blog, I don't mind sharing a few more images of this bird in its natural habitat with you.
There is just no telling when, if ever I will be able to post this specie again.
So whenever you get a chance, be certain to put a little "wild" in your day!

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