Sunday, 22 November 2015

Bull frog, Yellow Warbler, Black-and-white (20150529) Walk in the park.

Len and I decided, due to the nice weather, to take a stroll in the park today with hopes of finding more of the great warblers he had been spotting. He's not really into the "frog scene", but hey, whenever I can add to blog it is a good day. It wasn't until I was reviewing the images that I found the mosquitoe on this fellas's hind leg. Looks like it is ready to burst.
While didn't find any of our targetted warblers this lovely Black-and-white put in an appearance.
I am finding these birds to actually be a pleasure to shoot and can tell that they will become a mainstay here on the blog. I caught this one showing the Tamarack just beginning to leaf.
I spent a little more time searching around the pond, thinking of Kerri knowing she would love to have spot like this with bullfrogs.
On the walk home we were able to track down the local pair of Yellow Warblers.
Even the Missus was up to putting in an appearance. We see these birds all the time as we drive off of the pennisula near Len's place.
A final shot of the male to close out this post. I am finding that even here in Nova Scotia wildlife is just a short walk away. Make the effort and put a little"wild" in your life!

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